Lesley & Sam

May 25 2015

We’re back home from our honeymoon and are still buzzing from it. What a trip! We had the most incredible experience and loved every minute. Gyanu was just brilliant and we were gutted having to say goodbye to him at the end. He really made the trip for us. Everything went really well – much better than we ever expected. The trip was a lot harder than we imagined – physically and mentally – but we loved the challenge of it and got through it in one piece (though I had a near-miss with frost bite, tore muscles in my ribs from coughing and poor Sam had terrible headaches and loss of appetite for a good part of the trek – but heck, just par for the course really!! Hehe..). The scenery was mind-blowing-ly beautiful (as you well know!) and we took 1200 photos and many, many more memories.. we really did fall in love with Nepal. What a country, and what people!

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