Risk Awareness / Liability Waiver – (Nepal trips)

I have been advised by DCXP as agent for Arun of the following matters in relation to my upcoming trip with Arun Treks. I have been advised that travel, trekking, climbing and especially mountaineering are inherently dangerous activities. I may be killed, injured, incapacitated and experience pain, illness and suffering. I may experience loss, damage or theft of my property. Any of the above may not be Arun Treks or DCXP’s fault or the fault of anyone. These incidents may be caused by others in my party, employees or directors of Arun Treks, their subcontractors or even my guide, may be caused by environmental factors, or even just physical or mental exhaustion which can happen at any time on my trip. There is no way of predicting all the hazards I may face. While Arun Treks will take reasonable precautions to minimise the risks, there is no way Arun Treks can guarantee my safety on this trip 100%.

I acknowledge that often the areas of operation are remote with little or no immediate medical support. In some remote areas self-rescue is the only option. My guide may need to begin first aid appropriate to the remoteness of the area and the nature of my ailment. By signing this document I certify that I have read and understood these risks and they are acceptable to me.

I also agree not to seek compensation, financial or otherwise from any incident that might occur during or associated with the trip, from Arun Treks or DCXP, or their respective directors, officers, employees, agents, partners or subcontractors.

Arun Treks and its agents including employees, guides, leaders, subcontractors and porters shall not be liable for loss, death or injury, to any of its clients or loss or damage or delay to their baggage, personal effects or other property arising from the following:

1. Acts of God including but not limited to Landslides, Ice Cliff Collapse, Avalanche, Earthquakes, Flooding and Fire;
2. Civil disturbances of any nature including but not limited to War, Revolution, Riots, Strikes or Labour Shortages;
3. Environmental Factors such as changes to trails rivers and valleys, loose rocks, unstable snow, unstable ground, bad weather;
4. Any other circumstance beyond our control and responsibility.

Cancellation Policy

Your non-refundable deposit amount is specific to each trip and listed on the DCXP website or trip documentation. If you cancel you lose your deposit.

Payment in full is normally due 60 days ahead of departure date, if you don’t pay by this date you can lose your place on the trip and your deposit is forfeit. In rare cases earlier payment will be required.

Normal Policy Is:
If you cancel 60-31 days before departure date you lose 50% of your payments.
If you cancel less than 31 days before departure date you lose 100% of your payments.

If you cancel and we are able to fill your place on the trip we may refund your money at our discretion. This would normally be subject to an administration fee. We may also choose to offer you another trip (transferable) at our discretion. Arun Treks reserves the right to vary or cancel a trip or a specific departure and will endeavour to advise you of cancellations not less than 42 days before departure. In the event of Arun Treks cancelling a trip, we would work with all the members of the trip to try to provide an alternative venue. If you do not accept alternative arrangements we will refund all payments you have made to Arun Treks, less any unrecoverable costs. Arun Treks will not be liable for any additional costs incurred by you such as airticket cancellation fees or changes. We advise you to have a travel insurance policy that covers cancellation.

Itinerary Policy

Arun Treks will make every effort to achieve the objectives of the given trip/expedition. By signing below I understand that variations may be necessary for reasons including but not limited to; safety, interruptions to transportation, political unrest, prevailing weather conditions and the needs of the group.

Trip Price Policy

The trip price may change at any stage. Changes might be due to international currency fluctuations, inflation, fuel prices, conditions, fees or other changes. Once your full payment has cleared into our account, we would normally not vary the price. If the trip price were to vary considerably (>10%) after you had paid your non-refundable deposit and you decided to cancel we would likely allow a full refund or transfer to another trip.

Includes & Excludes

For included/excluded items and any special conditions, see the Info Pack for each specific expedition.


I have read and understood, and accept, the Risk Awareness / Liability Waiver, Cancellation Policy and the Trip Price Policy. I acknowledge and accept that DCXP is an agent of Arun Treks. I understand and accept the risks that have been explained to me, I hereby waive my right to bring any legal claim against Arun Treks even where Arun Treks and its Employees, Agents or Contractors would otherwise be deemed liable due to Gross Negligence, Breach of Contract or otherwise.