Adventures for your group

Sarah Mountain Journeys now specialises in catering to people who would like to bring their own group along for a private adventure.

Amongst our previous groups have been people who:

We can arrange a trip for a group of 6 or more participants. We can close it off as a private group for 10 or more, but will look to add in others to take it up to a maximum of 12 people if your group only has 6-9 booked. In our experience groups that are larger than 12 do need to know each other to make it work and maximise your experience.

The benefits of a private group include:

You might like a side trip to visit a school or monastery or hospital in Nepal…
You might require more support. Or if you’re a bunch of fit and strong people with experience in the outdoors, less support.
You might want to combine two adventures into the one. You get the idea…

For inspiration use our trip finder, or if you have another adventure in mind, we can arrange a custom trip.

Contact our HQ staff about your group adventure. They’ll love helping you get into the outdoors!