Step 1) Fill out a booking form


Fill in the relevant information as best you can and email, FAX or post it to us…contact details

Step 2) Pay your deposit and begin preparations

You will need to do a international telegraphic transfer to our USD$ bank account – contact us for assistance.

Step 3) Final payment & details

Final payment and any outstanding administrative details are due in full 60 days before the start date. We require a Doctor’s Certificate to be completed and forwarded to us, as well as your travel insurance and flight information details which are needed by our operations team. 2 Months before your departure date is a good time to review how your physical preparation is coming along, and possibly ramp it up if you’re not on track to meeting your goals.
Consult your trip information dossier for what to expect when you arrive and … off you go!

Download the Travel Arrangements Info FORM.

Download the Doctor’s Certificate.

See you in the hills!